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We are Tardigrade Technologies. We have put together a team of talented and well-rounded designers and developers who are good at what they do - designing and building great digital solutions. You need work done and we are the team that can get it done. Get in touch and together let's build the awesome.

Mobile app

We have decades of combined experience building mobile apps used by users across the globe. We can tailor solutions to suit your needs, interface with your backend systems or build a complete end-to-end mobile solution. Mobile UX is hard to get right, but with Tardigrade's skills and experience, we can quickly build the right solution that will attract, engage and retain users.

Web applications

Web continues to be a core channel for delivering digital solutions. Web technologies have continually evolved and we have kept ourselves updated. We will help you choose the right technology stack for your solution making sure it is flexible and allows for easy upgrades in the future.


Speech will grow to become a primary way users interact with digital solutions. We already see the technology pervade our daily lives as virtual assitants and smart speakers become more ubiquitous. With expertise in speech recognition and natural language processing technolgies, we can help you build amazing user experiences using speech.

Augumented Reality

Augumented reality (AR) is a great way to create an immersive user experience. AR will grow to be an key interface for digital experiences where 2D is inadequate - 3D modelling, learning and entertainment. We have helped clients build AR experiences that have wowed their customers and we can do it for you.

Tardigrade — The story

iphone app view

Tardigrades are tiny, but, crazy tough. They've been to space and you can dig them up near the poles. They are all around us and are going to be around long after we are gone.

What if we built products like that. Tough. Resilient.
And, that is what we have set out to do.

Our clients vouch for us

Tardigrade technologies helped us design and build mobile and web experiences for our product. They have been extremely flexible in incorporating our changing requirements. They are quite open to ideas and quite often, augmented our thoughts with their recommendation. Their skill sets and attitude have been impressive and they always went an extra mile to do the right thing for us! Thank you! Deepak Hegde Deepak Hegde
Founder & CEO, Algonomics Inc, a fintech startup
Vitalpointz is a scalable Edge Services Platform (VESP) for enabling IOT services. We engaged Tardigrade technologies to build our customer-facing portal - a key component of our platform and are delighted with the results. They were able to pick up from basic sketches and build a user-friendly and performant UI - both web and mobile using modern frameworks and tools. Their proactive approach to work and their enthusiastic involvement makes it a joy to work with them. Jude Vedam Jude Pragash Vedam
Co-Founder and VP Engineering at vitalpointz Inc
When it comes to consultation on mobile technologies, Tardigrade Tech is the the place to go! The team knows their stuff and we can vouch for their work. Anand Lakshmanan Anand Lakshmanan
Founder and CEO @

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